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                                    President:                     Kimberly Trent

                                    Vice President:              James Rosenfeld

                                    Secretary:                     Jonathan Hart   

                                    Treasurer:                     Michael Johnson

                                    Assistant Secretary:        Alicia Nails

                                    Assistant Treasurer:        Luther Keith

                                    Trustees:                       Dorothy Cocroft

                                                                        Louise Guyton

                                                                        Delora Hall Tyler (Past-President)

                                                                        Austerine Hambrick

                                                                        Marcia Hart

                                                                        Dana Harvey

                                                                        Danielle McGuire

                                                                        Walter Middlebrook

                                                                        Carey Osmundson

                                                                        Barbara K. Smith, Ph.D

Honorary Board Members:

Bernadine Aubert

Christopher Carswell

Sandra Combs

Geraldine Hill

Karla McKanders